Benefits of Interior Window Shutters

Interior window shutters

Interior window shutters play a prominent role in the look of a home. They add a unique and stylish look that can make your home stand out from every other home in the neighborhood. They come in many styles and designs and have benefits that make them an excellent window covering choice.

One benefit of interior window shutters is that they increase the curb appeal of a home. When they’re open, they add clean, unobstructed views of windows, and, when they’re closed, they provide a nice coziness and warmth to the entire house. If a home with interior window shutters goes on the market, it will generally sell three times faster than a home with other types of window coverings.

Interior window shutters help increase the privacy inside a home. While they can be opened back to allow the maximum amount of light in, they can also be kept closed with just the louvers opened. This gives the double advantage of light and privacy. When the louvers are completely closed, the home has complete privacy.

Another benefit of interior window shutters is that they can provide natural air control, without compromising privacy. When the weather is nice, most people like to turn off the air conditioner and open all the windows. This allows the house to get fresh air circulating throughout and the gentle breezes can produce a very good night of sleep.

However, most window coverings have to be completely opened to get air flow. This creates a privacy issue, especially at night. Interior window shutters, however, can remain closed, and just the louvers opened, to get very good air flow throughout the house.

Interior window shutters also provide effective air control during cold weather. By closing the shutters and the louvers, warm air is trapped inside the house, while cold air is kept outside.

Because of their ability to control air flow, regardless of the season, interior window shutters also offer the benefit of making homes more energy efficient. This is turn keeps the internal temperature at constant, comfortable level and reduces the amount of energy consumed, which lowers energy costs.

Another benefit of interior window shutters is that they are easy to customize to fit any design style or architecture. They come in different sizes (and can be custom-sized for large windows like bay windows or picture windows or odd-shaped windows, like half-circle windows and skylight windows), colors, and materials, so there is no end to the possibilities that can be used throughout a home.

Interior window shutters also allow light control. No matter the time of day, the amount of light that is allowed into the home can be easily adjusted by either opening the shutters all the way or by closing them and adjusting the louvers.

Another benefit of interior window shutters is that they can be used to create the mood of the home. Because of the versatility in styles, colors, and materials, every room’s mood can be personalized with a different type or color of interior window shutters.

Interior window shutters are a very good investment for homeowners because they offer so many benefits. With them, the entire look of a home can be transformed, while energy efficiency is boosted, and air flow control and light control are maximized.

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All about Roller Window Shades

Roller window shades

Roller window shades may seem like a simple window covering solution, but they are very versatile and offer many benefits to homeowners.

One benefit of roller window shades is that they are simple, elegant and attractive. They have clean lines that won’t interfere with the rest of the décor of your home. Roller window shades are great a playing a supporting role in rooms that have themes and designs that are created to be the focal point of the room. They also blend in with any wall color, so that there’s no competing elements in the rooms that will make them seem off balance or haphazardly thrown together.

Roller window shades are easy to use. One feature that homeowners like about roller window shades is how well they can be adjusted to allow just the right amount of light into a room. With a simple motion of raising or lowering the bottom rail, the height of the roller window shade can be adjusted to let more light in or keep more light out. If the home has small children and/or pets, cordless roller window shades that can be adjusted using a button are the best and safest option.

Another benefit of roller window shades is that, when they are closed, they very effective block light from coming into a room. Although normal roller window shades don’t have the same capabilities as blackout roller window shades, which completely block out light, they can be very effective in reducing light (and solar glare) in a den, for example, if family members are watching TV or using laptops.

Roller window shades give privacy. When roller window shades are completely closed, they give the room total privacy, which in turn increases the security and safety of a home. Even when roller window shades are open, the height can be adjusted so that people can’t easily see inside a room from outside.

Another benefit of roller window shades is that they are easy to maintain. They should be cleaned every month, but cleaning is easy. Simply wipe them down with a wet cloth to remove any dust and dirt that’s accumulated. Roller window shades are also less likely to get damaged or broken, and need to be repaired or replaced, because all their moving parts are protectively contained inside the headrail.

Roller window shades can be purchased with a blackout option. This makes it an ideal solution for all the bedrooms in a home. Whether there are babies or small children – hey, or adults – who need or want to take an afternoon siesta, or there are people who work at night and need to sleep during the day, blackout roller window shades are the perfect solution.

Blackout roller window shades also block harmful ultraviolet rays (UV) from sunlight. Over time, as furniture, wood floors, carpets and rugs inside the home are exposed to UV rays, they become faded and dull. Additionally, these are the same rays that cause sunburn, unless exposure is limited, and people can actually get sunburned sitting inside a house where UV rays are coming in through windows.

Roller window shades come in many fabric choices and many colors, so they will fit in with any home design or décor.

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Warm Your Home with Window Coverings

Warm Your Home with Window Coverings

A window covering can play an important part in making homes energy efficient all during the year. Colder weather can be a bit more challenging to deal with, especially in parts of the country, like Florida, that don’t typically see a lot of extremely cold weather during the winter. But, that being said, energy bills can rise dramatically during this time as people try to keep their homes warm.

Almost all of the heat a house loses is through windows, so some kind of window covering is better than no window coverings at all. However, there are specific window coverings that are naturally suited to reduce heat loss and energy costs because they work to keep the home’s internal temperature constant and comfortable.

Shutters are one window covering option that will help keep your home warmer in cold weather. Shutters work well because their frames fit tightly into window frames, which will block any air from coming in even if the window frames have damaged seals or cracks. Louvers also reduce air transmission from the window into the house. The closer the shutter is positioned to the window, the better it will help insulate the home, so an inside mount is recommended to get the best insulation from drafts.

One of the best-insulating window coverings is cellular shades. Cellular shades are made from two layers of fabric that, when bonded together, from honeycombed-shaped pockets. These pockets trap air to minimize the amount of heat that is transferred through the window. Cellular shades are spectacular at reducing radiant heat loss and they double the R value (how much an insulating material can resist heat flow) of most standard windows (from 3.5 to 7).

Another very effective way to use window covering to help insulate homes is to layer them. Drapes and curtains with a thermal lining can be hung over windows with shutters, shades, or blinds, as an extra measure to block cold air from coming in. Thermal lining provides extra insulation and protects furniture, rugs, carpets, and wood flooring from the damaging UV rays of the sun.

Drapes and curtains with thermal lining offer the best insulation when they are hung as close to the ceiling as possible (leave one inch between the rod and the ceiling) and fall all the way to the floor. Use wraparound hardware to compensate for the space that the depth of the mounting hard creates.

When thinking about adding extra insulation to a home with window coverings, it’s important not to forget the larger windows, such as bay windows, picture windows, as well as doors with windows, such as sliding glass doors, French doors, and patio doors. The best option for these types of windows is thermal curtains.

Thermal curtains are made of layers of thick fabrics like cotton and a layer of foam that will help reduce heat flow, and keeps the interior of the house comfortable. It’s important to note that thermal curtains also provide extra soundproofing for homes, but they are not the same as blackout curtains (designed to completely block light from coming into a room, and ideal for people who work night shifts and sleep during the day).

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