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Behind the Curtain: Savvy Magazine Feature

behind the curtain magazine feature 1024x768Behind the Curtain: The magic (and planning) of having great window treatments

If you ask the average homeowner what they look for in window treatments, they’ll tell you they just want something that looks good in their house. It’s astonishing how many homeowners have spent endless hours selecting stains, paints, mouldings, cabinets, flooring, lighting, granite and then hang draperies or shades that are an afterthought at best. They don’t fit the level of finishes of the home, they don’t fit the window particularly well, and they certainly don’t work very well.

In actuality, beautiful and enjoyable window treatments should be a whole lot more than an afterthought. At McNeill Palm, we believe well done window treatments must be planned during the beginning stage of planning a home. First thing to consider is what you want them to do, then you can consider the actual look of the window treatment.

At McNeill Palm, we distinguish ourselves from others in the industry by following a process. We believe a well thought out process produces optimum results. In that process, we concentrate on three specific objectives:

Preparation We get involved early in the process, preferably during the design phase, considering architecture, interior design, and needs specific to the home owner. We ask important questions regarding the requirements of the design, and the ongoing function and comfort of the homeowner. We consider all issues that might impact the function, beauty, and ongoing enjoyment of the shades and draperies. If the architect and designer have specified fabrics and design, we perform each function as required.

Collaboration We have an open, ongoing dialogue with all other professionals on the project; providing shop drawings, sketches, and specifications for motorization and other specific infrastructure as needed. We make ourselves available to answer questions, visit the site, and make our staff available for meetings to discuss an issue or challenging situations. We go over all specifications for finished products that may be ordered from Hunter Douglas or other manufacturers, assuring accuracy. Additionally, we collaborate internally with our skilled designers, engineer, installers, and fabrication personnel.

Product We spend a great deal of time selecting fabrics, shades, and hardware that will enhance other elements of design in the home and perform as desired, giving lasting value. If the architect and designer have specified fabrics, we work with those products as directed, providing designs and specifications for any custom motorization. Next, we create drawings that will give clients the most accurate idea of the finished look. After approvals, we then turn to our highly skilled workroom staff to fabricate the designs. If needed, we provide specification to our metal fabricators to create any custom hardware necessary and our engineer on staff customizes any motorized treatments for the project. When everything is complete, our trained personnel install hardware and window treatments. Once it looks beautiful, our specialist checks the working of the mechanisms, providing any necessary engineering, components, and information to home integration professionals for
integration into a home system. After all is completed, a final walk through is done to check for any necessary adjustments.

Following completion of the project, the window treatment specialist should provide any follow up services necessary to the homeowner, such repairs, cleaning, annual battery replacement, or future enhancements.

The basis for the entire process is engaging a highly skilled window treatment specialist. When this scope of work is planned and implemented properly, the homeowner has years of enjoyment and additional value in their home.


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