Design Details: Trim

There are an array of design details that can enhance the drapery in your home.  The details of a design is what will make your window treatments stand out from the rest and have an elegant feeling that is unique and custom.   The choices are endless when selecting trim and there is a lot to consider.  The trim should tie in with the other decor pieces within the room and create a cohesive design.  The embellishment may be subdue and a similar color to the drapery or a contrasting color to make the trim really pop from the drapery fabric.   The trim elements can even be continued throughout the room with pillows or on furniture pieces.   Beaded fringe, cording, braiding, tassels, and even pom-pom accents – there is a world of drapery embellishments for you to discover!  Here are a few inspiration points….

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Color Is Back: Yellow

yellow color pantone

Yellow is synonymous with a vibrant cheerfulness.  Happiness captured with color!  A bright yellow may work amazingly well in many spaces but don’t forget the vast ranges of yellow that exist and could make a great addition to your home.  Yellows that are buttery and soft add a calming and pleasant feeling to a room.  Yellow is a versatile and easy color to incorporate into your design vision.  Yellow creates a lovely golden glow and we can all agree that it adds vibrancy to a room.

Here is a little insight from designers via The Boston Globe, “A recent report by Zillow Digs found that homes with white-painted kitchens sell for $1,400 less than homes with yellow ones. If yellow walls seem like too big a leap, Howard suggests using yellow for upholstery and pillows or for kitchen cabinets. In addition to kitchens, Huh said, yellow is catching on for entries and hallways ‘‘because it makes these utilitarian spaces cheerful.’’ In hallways, it adds a sense of sunshine in a space with little natural light.

No shade of yellow is impossible to use, but do choose with care. If you are painting walls yellow, Kitts said, test a shade and view it throughout the day to see how it changes in different types of natural light and with different lamps.  You might have to live with a sample of a bright lemon yellow for a few weeks to make sure it’s something you want long term. Yet going with paler yellows isn’t always a safer bet.”

From drapery, accent pieces, or a whole painted space….come over to the light and bright side and give yellow a try.

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On The Job: WaterSound

There is nothing like the magic of seeing a home outfitted with Hunter Douglas shades.  Upon arrival the windows are bare and lifeless and when our installer has completed the job the windows are elegantly dressed.  The shades complement the beautiful mouldings surrounding the window with their clean lines and functionality.  Here are a few photos so you can see the transformation yourself.  Our client selected Hunter Douglas Double Banded Shades and Pirouettes throughout the home.  Take note of how great they look from the outside as well.  Always consider your window treatments from all angles.  The shades the homeowners selected do a great job of looking lovely from all viewpoints!

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